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Stop guessing, start yessing. Gather actionable data from your customers with one simple click.

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Customer Insights

Gather Customer Insights Easily

Find out what your customers think, want and feel at the click of a button

Customer Experience

Discover what customers love about your brand, use this data to develop your brand positioning.

Marketing Insight

Collect and analyse feedback about your marketing efforts, promotions or gather RSVP's for an event.

Website Optimisation

Collect feedback from your visitors at key moments, gathering little gems for website improvements.

Product Pipeline

Discover your users’ needs, pain points, challenges or gather feedback on new product ideas.

Email Surveys 1

Stop using Survey Monkey. Send your customers a simple one-click survey they can answer directly from their email inbox.

Website Surveys 2

Survey website visitors whilst they're actively browsing your website.

Use Cases

How Customers Have Used Clicksy

Exclusive Event RSVP
Integrate Clicksy into an email marketing campaign for an exclusive VIP event, collecting your guestlist at the click of a button.
Product Development
Looking to do some market research on your next product release? Use the thousands of voices and opinions browing your site to determine your next product.
Stop Using SurveyMonkey
Your 'two minute' questionnaires never take just two minutes, and the response rate is weak. Collect insights at the click of a button.
You just need one click

Beautiful Widgets

Our pre-styled website widgets are easily integrated with one simple snippet of code. Simply generate your survey and add the code to your website to start taking insights through Clicksy.
Simple Styling

Email Integrations

We provide a simple, bulletproof way of adding Clicksy to your favourite email client. Simply select your brands colour and we'll generate a snippet of code that will display beautifully in your HTML email.

Platform Integrations

We support your favourite email marketing platforms